Hike in Kamikochi

Enjoy the pictures of our hike on Mt. Yakedake in Kamikochi in Japan Alps in May 1998.

The first major stop.
We started to feel hot while climbing up.
I went above everyone else to take this picture.

Close-up of faces of people who stand far away.

Stop to appreciate a nice view back down to the Kamikochi valley.

Obstacles: slippery slanted walkways and ladders.

Switchbacks up the hill.
Getting cooler and windy.
We are above the tree line.

Practically at the saddle point.

On the ridge between the saddle point and the summit of Mt. Yakedake.
The other side of the mountain is visible.

Top of Mt. Yakedake in the background.
The flat area on the ridge in top-right corner is part of the edge of the crater.

A stop at a sulphur-flavored steam vent.
Everyone finds a favorite spot to rest.

Now I sit where Michel stood on the picture above.

Almost on the top.
Two craters are visible:
on the left - a wide, shallow one with a partly frozen lake in it;
on the right - a dark, narrow and deep one.

At the top.
The deep crater is directly behind me.

Between the two craters, trying to see the bottom of the deep crater.
We could not see the bottom.

That's all.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Tomasz Barszczak