What is new in Super-Kamiokande WWW at UCI.

This is 'log' of changes to the Super-Kamiokande WWW pages at UCI in reverse chronological order.

April 16 1998

Trimmed down SK page
Added mailing lists

Summer 1997

New look fo the SK page (with pictures and tables)

December 11, 1996

Official figures (pointer)

July 30 1996

New personal page of Juilien Hsu (pointer)

July 3 1996

Added SK notes

July 3 1996

Added good run list
New personal page of Ken Ganezer (pointer)

June 30 1996

New personal page of Greg Sullivan (pointer)

June 26 1996

New personal page of Vic Stenger (pointer)

June 21 1996

New personal page of Bill Kropp (pointer)
New personal page of Hank Sobel (pointer)
New personal page of Zoa Conner (pointer)

May 24 1996

Added shift schedule (Bill)

May 3 1996

Added travel chart (Hank)

February 13 1996

SB pages moved from sksol1 to ale.physics.sunysb.edu (pointers)

February 6 1996

New SK page at LSU (pointer)

December 22 1995

Rewised the SK description, mostly improved English
New version of the official SK home page at UW (pointer)
New personal page of Jim Hill (pointer)

December 20 1995

New personal page of Andrew Stachyra (pointer)

September 25-26 1995

New SK home page at Kamioka (pointer)
New pictures of SK at UM (pointer)

July 22, 1995

Updated Bill's supplement to 'Traveling in Japan'

June 21, 1995

Brussels EPS meeting in July/95 paper by K. Young (pointer)

May 22-23, 1995

Muon/Electron Identification ICRC paper by J. Breault (pointer)
New personal page of John Breault (pointer)
New SK page at Boston University (pointer)

May 16, 1995

Added Bill's and Christopher's supplements to 'Traveling in Japan'

May 12, 1995

New phone/email list at Stony Brook (pointer)
More SK pictures at Stony-Brook (pointer)
Another SK mailing list by J. Wilkes (pointer)
SK author list by J. Wilkes (pointer)
SK Outer DAQ System ICRC paper by J. Wilkes (pointer)
Added SK logo

begining of May, 1995

New SK page at Stony Brook (pointer)
New personal page of Brett Viren (pointer)

End of April, 1995

ICRC paper by Z. Conner (pointer)

April 19, 1995

Added US/Japanese embassy/consulate addresses and phone numbers
New personal page of Jeff Wilkes (pointer)
Univ. of Washington has SK archieve (pointer)

April 1, 1995

Added Japanese information page.

March 23, 1995

Added agenda of Software Sub-group meeting (later updated)

March 15, 1995

Added agenda of meeting at UCI (later updated)

March 13, 1995

Added UCI hotel info by Bill K.

March 11-12, 1995

University of Hawaii has SK page (pointer)
New personal page of John Flanagan (pointer)
Added John's supplement to 'Traveling in Japan' (later updated Mar. 14)

March 8-10, 1995

Added this page - what is new (change-log)
New DAQ document by K. Young (pointer)
Added page about traveling in Japan
Added page for March 31 - April 01 meeting at UCI

February 1995

Added Long-Baseline experinent
SK page at Univ. of Washington page has new location (pointer)

January 1995

Added source for SK software library
Added source repository for SK software library
New personal page of Ken Young (pointer)

Late 1994

Added page with pictures of SK
Added page with description of SK


No change log before.
SK WWW at UCI created in spring/summer 1994