Nucleon Decay Workshop at UCI
Friday, Feb. 25
8:00 Light Breakfast
Updates on Neutrino Masses and Oscillations Speaker
9:00 SuperK Solar Neutrino M.Vagins (UCI)
9:30 SNO Status P. Doe (UW)
10:00 SuperK Atmospheric Neutrino results T. Barszczak (UCI)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Soudan 2 Atmospheric Neutrino/PDK results M.Goodman (ANL)
11:30 Recent Results from K2K M. Sakuda (KEK)
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Supernova Neutrinos and SNEWS: present and future K. Scholberg (BU)
2:00 Neutrino beams from muon storage ring H. Schellman (Northwestern)
2:30 Low energy neutrino factory option W. Marciano(BNL)
3:00 Coffee break
Nucleon Decay I
3:30 Recent Results on Nucleon Decays from SuperK M. Earl (BU)
4:00 Theoretical review of Nucleon Decay J.Pati (UMD)
5:00 Session ends
Saturday, Feb. 26 Nucleon Decay II
8:00 Full Breakfast
9:00 UuNnO (Ultimate underground Nucleon decay and C.K.Jung(StonyBrook)
neutrino observatory) Proposal
9:30 Solar Neutrino Capabilities of NN Detectors M.Smy (UCI)
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Tau Neutrino Identification capabilities of ND Detectors C.McGrew(StonyBrook)
11:00 Nucleon decay background Studies D.Casper (UCI)
12:00 Lunch
Alternative detectors
1:30 AQUARICH T.Ypsilantis (CERN)
2:00 Super-ICARUS D.Cline (UCLA)
2:30 Large Pb/Scintillator Calorimeter A.Konaka (TRIUMF)
3:00 Incorporating nucleon decay detectors into neutrino observatories J. Learned (UH)
3:30 Coffee break
4:00 Round Table Discussion on Detector R&D B. Svoboda (LSU)
Photo-detectors, excavation methods,
  container structure, new ideas...
5:00 General Discussion Sobel/Jung
- Organization for future work
- EOI Preparation
6:00 Social hour
7:00 Dinner