AMANDA-II Presentations Archive

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pdf file First Results from AMANDA High Energy Neutrino Detector Aug 99 Transparencies from TAUP 99 Talk
pdf file Status of AMANDA High Energy Neutrino Detector Mar 99 Transparencies from APS 99 Talk
pdf filepptfile Results from AMANDA Jun 00 Transparencies from Neutrino 2000 Talk 
pdf file EeV neutrino detection with AMANDA Dec 00 RADHEP 2000
pdf fileppt file Search for UHE Neutrinos with AMANDA Aug 01 Methodical Aspects 2001
pdf fileppt file Potential of the AMANDA-II detector Aug 01 ICRC in Hamburg
pdf fileppt file Search for Point Sources with AMANDA-B10 Aug 01 ICRC in Hamburg
pdf fileppt file Results from AMANDA Neutrino... May 02 Nu 2002 in Munich
Status of Search for Point Sources in AMANDA-II Jul 02 European Cosmic Ray Symposium-Moscow
pdf fileppt file Physics and Operation of AMANDA-II... Aug 02 SPIE Conf. in Hawaii, first results from GRB search using 2000 data. Paper  gives first limits on point sources using AMANDA-II
pdf file Dark Matter Searches with AMANDA/IceCube... Sep 02 Cosmo-02, Chicago, IL
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