Working at the South Pole

The quicktime graphic shows the site of an AMANDA deployment. It shows the tower holding the the drilling hoses and electrical cables. A hole of approximately 2 km in depth is drilled. MAPO, the building which houses the electronics of AMANDA, serves as mission control for the AMANDA project. In the background, you can see the Amundsen-Scott Research base (the dome), a C-130 Hercules cargo transport plane, and several telescopes built by the Center for Astrophysical Reseach in Antarctica (CARA)


Place Mouse in image

Depress mouse key and scroll around the window to get a full 360 degree view of the drilling site.

The magnifying glass with the plus (+) sign (in the lower left corner) zooms in on the image. In some browsers, you can use the SHIFT key.

The magnifying glass with the minus (- ) sign in the lower left zooms back out on the image. In some systems, you can press the CONTROL key.

Thanks to C. Kuno Lechner