Pictures of UC Irvine Campus Buildings

The UCI campus map and list of buildings

UCI Construction Projects Image Gallery

The buildings proceed counterclockwise around the campus from the Adminstration Building, at the Flag Pole on Pereira Drive (Northeast). "Outer" means a view from outside the campus circle, and "Inner" means a view from inside the campus circle. The numbers are the official building numbers.

Administration and Main Library

Irvine Barclay Theatre

The Student Center

Humanities Buildings

Arts Buildings

Bren Events Center Buildings

Biological Sciences Buildings

The Science Library

Physical Sciences Buildings

Rowland Hall 400 and Frederick Reines Hall 401 were previously called Physical Sciences I and II, respectively.  The Nobel Laureate Banners date from 1995-6.

The University Club

Engineering Buildings

Computer Science

Middle Earth Residence Halls

Social Science Buildings

Alumni and University Extension

Dennis Silverman ( is responsible for this unofficial set of pictures, and holds the copyright to them. We thank Marilyn Olsen for scanning them.