How to make your own personal WWW page.

If you are impatient, here are quick instructions.
  1. You must have an account here, in the UNIX cluster in which this WWW server runs. Currently the members of the cluster are: bill (runs the server), pdksun, hepxvt, skid, bum, leroy, kropp, smap, danka, meister, cosmic, blazar, tempest, tornado, cascade, dennis, daneel, physhp1, sparky, in the domain.
  2. Your home directory must be world searchable. You can do it by typing the command:
    chmod a+x $HOME
  3. Create the WWW subdirectory in your home directory:
    mkdir $HOME/WWW
  4. The WWW directory should be world readable:
    chmod a+rx $HOME/WWW
  5. Create your HTML documents in this subdirectory. You can also make further subdirectories there. All the files should be world readable. The URL for a document sitting there as file.html would be:
    Note that there is no /WWW after /~username.
  6. You can get an example home page from me:
    cp ~tomba/WWW/example* $HOME/WWW
  7. You can create a document called .index.html in the WWW directory. It can be a symbolic link to another file, for example:
    ln -s home-page.html .index.html
    This document would be referenced simply as:
    Note that there should be / after username.
    This would be your main personal WWW page (sometimes called the home page).
  8. You can make this page your home page (the page which shows up first each time when you run Mosaic, Netscape or lynx) by adding the following line to your .login file:
    setenv WWW_HOME ""
    In Netscape you can specify your home page in the Options / Preferences... menu.
  9. Let me know, so I can add you to the list of people which have their WWW pages on this server.
If you don't have an account in our UNIX cluster, and you study at UCI, then you can have your personal WWW page on UCI Easy Access Accounts, but that page would not be visible from outside of UCI.

You could also install a WWW server (for example NCSA httpd) on your UNIX machine, or ask your system administrator to do so.

Step-by-step instructions of which commands to type:

cd                                    # go to home directory
chmod a+x .                           # make sure home is world searchable
mkdir WWW                             # make WWW directory
cd WWW                                # go to WWW directory
cp ~tomba/WWW/example* .              # copy example HTML documents
ln -s example-home.html .index.html   # make it your main document
In Mosaic press button Open... or in menu File choose option Open URL.... In lynx press G. In Netscape press button Open, or press Alt-L, or choose option Open Location... in File menu. Type URL:, where username is your login name. You should be able to view your new personal WWW page (home page).


If you do not have too much experience in writing HTML documents here are some useful pointers: